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Expectant Moms Mentoring Program

The expectant moms mentoring program is a one-on-one program designed to provide support for the expectant parent (mother and/or father). The participant meets with an assigned counselor for six sessions. During this time the objective is to create a safe and comfortable environment while building a relationship of trust and confidence. The hope is that the parent-to-be will feel at ease and be able to express individual concerns and help with learning new parenting skills.

Some of the topics covered in the sessions are:

Emotional and physical changes:

  • Diet, health nutrition

Unsuspected Dangers:

  • Foods and environmental factors
  • The don'ts of pregnancy

Baby Development before and after birth:

  • Health and monthly growth charts

Decisions: Breast or Bottle Feed?

  • Facts to make an informed decision
  • SIDs update
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome

Labor and Delivery:

  • What to take to the hospital
  • Stages of labor
  • Baby blues and Post-Partum Depression (PPD)

Infant Home Care:

  • Ways to calm a crying infant
  • Bathing, diapering and cord care


With the completion of six sessions, the graduate receives her choice of one of the following:

Pack 'n Play, Swing, High Chair, Bouncy Seat, Stroller, Changing Table

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