All services are free and confidential

Pregnancy Test - Services in Ithaca
Medical Grade Pregnancy Tests
Wondering if you’re pregnant? You can find out for sure at no cost! Our services include a free medical grade pregnancy test with a manufacturer’s accuracy of 99%. 
Counseling - Services in Ithaca
Options Consultation
Feeling confused? We are here to offer you information on all your options. Schedule a judgement free, confidential session to help you take the next step.
Ultrasound - Services in Ithaca
Limited Onsite Ultrasound
Have a positive pregnancy test? Find out if you qualify for an onsite ultrasound referral with our nurses. Get the facts to help you make a confident decision about your pregnancy.
One-On-One Mentoring - Services in Ithaca
One-On-One Support
Our peer counselors are here to help you wherever you are at. One-on-one support includes topics related to healthy relationships, sexual integrity, fertility awareness and after abortion care. Schedule a free, confidential session. 
Pregnant Services - Services in Ithaca
Pregnancy & Parenting 
We offer several free pregnancy services. We’re here to support you in your journey including providing material aid. Program topics include expectant moms, pregnancy education, childbirth classes and parenting education.
Support for Men - Services in Ithaca
For Men Only
Do you have questions?  We’ve got answers and can help you think things through. We can provide you with accurate information and support. Find out more Here! Schedule a free session at our center. 
STD Testing - Services in Ithaca
STD Testing
Concerned about your sexual health? Every time you have sex (even if a condom is used) you are at risk for catching a sexually transmitted disease. We offer free referrals for on-site chlamydia and gonorrhea tests.
Resources - Services in Ithaca
Community Referrals
Not sure where to go? Our referrals include financial and housing assistance. As well as medical and prenatal care, professional counselors and domestic violence support and more.